Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the new fad in locks?

Currently, individuals needing added security for homes, cars or offices opt for electronic locks such as keyless locks or fingerprint locks. These innovative locks are a far cry from the antiquated combination lock, but are quite a bit more expensive. Call a locksmith to help you make the security decision.

How should I lock up my bike?

Secure your bike to a sidewalk bike rack or pole using a bicycle lock; a bicycle lock, or a wheel lock, attaches the wheel to the frame to the pole so that no one can steal frequently sought after bike parts. Bicycle locks can be found in the form of combination locks and key locks.

What do I do in the event that I am locked out of my home?

Take preventative action now by calling a locksmith, preferably a 24 hour emergency locksmith, so that when the lock out does occur you'll have his number in hand. A mobile locksmith or emergency locksmith can come immediately to your aid equipped with locksmith tools.

Do appliances and computers need to be secured with a lock?

Absolutely! In the home, it is essential that you take such measures as locking up with a sewing machine baby lock, to name one, that keeps your little one from harming his or her person. In the office, invest in a computer lock so shifty co-workers don't make off with your keypad or worse. In restaurants, refrigerator locks are essential to secure liquor and other potentially abusive substances.

I have a luxury car. What's the best way to ensure its safety?

In addition to the car's built-in security system, you may want to invest in a steering wheel lock. Tire locks are also a good idea so that your rims don't get ripped off. Installing electronic door locks is another good way to deter thieves.